Competition and EU law

Competition law is one of the fastest-growing areas in Maltese law. With moves to apply further competitive pressure, industries and businesses have become more sensitive to their obligations and compliance with the requirements of Competition law. These obligations add to the responsibilities of running a business successfully. The firm’s high profile, quality work in this field has elevated Camilleri Preziosi to tier one of competition practitioners in Malta.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the application of competition rules, and focusing on understanding your business environment and strategy, we can help you to comply with Competition law obligations in an effective competition policy, both on a project-based basis and on an on-going basis.  We offer a range of services in this field including competition law enforcement and litigation, assistance in connection with investigations by competition authorities, competition litigation and merger filings.

Merger control

No deal is complete if it is subject to a filing obligation which is either forgotten or omitted. That deal may, therefore, have to be undone - a costly, complex and time-consuming exercise. We are regularly involved in merger filings for both local and international clients with a strong track record of cleared transactions. The applicability of merger control obligations is not always clear, but Camilleri Preziosi can help you identify any potential obligations and take you through the filing process to obtain clearance on the deal.

State aid

State aid law is aimed at ensuring a level playing field between competitors and has been given increasing importance and enforcement. As a result, companies are being increasingly affected by these rules in their day-to-day business dealings. Camilleri Preziosi has advised both private companies and the State to help avoid the risk and consequences of State aid when engaging in transactions.

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  1. Competition and EU law
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